About Menstrual Cupaholic

What is Menstrual Cupaholic about?

Menstrual Cupaholic is a place for women (and men) to learn more about menstrual cups, and learn how to choose and use what is best for their bodies.

Who Are We?

We are Cupaholics who converted to using a menstrual cup, and we want to share the love around!

We love our planet, and it’s so good to see people around the world trying to reduce single use products, such as straws, takeaway coffee cups, plastic bags, and more. Our aim now is to encourage more ladies to try a menstrual cup in a bid to reduce the use of single use tampons and pads that are clogging our landfills, and filling our oceans. 

We want more women to learn to love and understand their bodies, and use safe products that won’t break the bank.

Where To Start?

If you are new to our site and don't know where to start check out these helpful posts below:

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Can I Contribute to your Site?

Yes, of course! If you’re a Menstrual Cupaholic who blogs and writes, let us know. We take submissions. Contact us here, and be sure to include your submission and/or relevant links and writing samples.

Can I Advertise on your Site?

Yas! We can promote your business or product on our website, and our social media outlets, such as FaceBook and Instragram. Contact us here, and let’s work together!