Luna Cup Review: A Great Budget Alternative

There are so many menstrual cup reviews on the market, and it can be a minefield going through all the specifications and period cup reviews! We know this, and we got your back! So below in this article, we are going to be looking at Luna menstrual cup reviews. Not to be confused with the Lena menstrual cup, or even the MeLuna menstrual cups. Very confusing with the very similar names!

Luna Cup

Luna Cup

The Luna Cup is a good option for those who are looking for a cheaper menstrual cup, or a menstrual cup for beginners. Perhaps, you are unsure about using a menstrual cup for the first time, or just looking for a budget, but safe option. 

Cup Tip
Cup Tip

Did you know...

If you are looking for the official Luna Cup, check that the authorised distributor is by Ferayco Inc. They seem to be a small start-up company with a big emphasis on customer service! We like that!

Read on for the details of the Luna Cup, the reviews, and where to buy the Luna Cup!

The Facts

  • Made with 100% Medical Grade Silicone
  • 4 air holes just under the rim
  • There are 2 sizes available with the Luna Cup. See below for dimensions.
  • Currently available in mostly purple, with occasional pink, yellow, or light blue options.
  • Comes with a money-back guarantee

The Options

The Luna Cup comes in two sizes. You can even purchase a gift set that comes with both the Small and Large size cups. Especially useful if you are unsure of your size!

Small for light to medium flow days, suitable for girls and women who have not given childbirth vaginally, or who are advanced in tone-maintaining activities, such as yoga and Pilates.

  • The diameter is 41 mm
  • The length of the cup is 59 mm

Large size is recommended for heavy flow days due to its larger capacity, and are suitable for post-birth.

  • The diameter is 45.8 mm
  • The length of the cup is 65.7 mm

What We Think

  • Luna Cup is a bit tricky as they do not have a comprehensive website. There is limited information on their site, with no details about where the product is made, or even where the company is from. What we do know is that it is a start-company and they emphasise on customer service, with lots of happy consumers on Amazon. Some women have ordered the wrong size, and Ferayco Inc. seem to have instantly responded and sent out a replacement size, free of charge, no questions asked.
  • From the looks of it, there seems to have been several different designs with the Luna Cup. The older versions were clear, with just a ball instead of a long stem, and had a tin package. The most common purple versions have a stem with grip lines. But it also seems there are versions of the cup with a newly designed stem which is longer with a beaded textured that make it easier to grip but can also be trimmed to size.

Packaging of the Luna Cup

  • The items comes in a cardboard box, and the purse and pouch are quite cute with an embroidered finish. The pouch is made of 100% polyester silk, which is in line with the cheaper cost of the product. Unfortunately, it also seems that some women report that when their cup arrived, the box was squished, or the zip was broken.
  • We don’t really like that the actual cup came wrapped in plastic; seems a bit counter- intuitive when purchasing a menstrual cup for environmental concerns! The cups do come with an instruction guide with actual pictures for folding (rather than just drawings) which of course, is always very handy!
  • The orders seem a bit random but Ferayco Inc. do say you can request a color before shipping. This also applies to their packaging with the zipped purse or drawstring pouch. There are many colors available, but again, the order is random so there are a few women unhappy with the colour they received. 

Luna Cup Review

  • The small cup is a good size as it seems to be one of the smallest on the market, perfect for beginners, or those who had trouble with other branded cups. Many women who have a high or medium cervix also believe that this cup is a good option for their cervix height. 
  • The cup itself is very soft, and the rim is non-intrusive. Due to its softness compared to other cups, some women have said that the cup doesn’t seal against them properly, however, other women have reported it works perfectly. This will just be a personal preference, and depend on your body!
  • The Luna Cups are compatible with IUDs according to Ferayco Inc. and one reviewer online confirmed it worked with her Paraguard IUD with no issues.

Does the Luna Cup Stain Easily?

An issue that has been mentioned several times, is that the Luna Cup can stain fairly easily. Some women report that their cup color got darker after just a few months of use. Ferayco. Inc. have responded to this and advised to leave the stained cup in 3% Hydrogen Peroxide overnight. This seems to have worked, but it would be better if the cups didn’t stain so quickly!

Comparison to Other Menstrual Cups

  • The Luna Cup seems to be a bit softer and smaller than the Diva Cup.
  • Very similar to a Duchess cup.
  • A bit thinner than the Blossom Cup.


We do like that you can order a set with a small and a large version of the Luna Cup, and get a zippered pouch and a pouch. Getting two sizes for this price is a pretty good deal and perfect for those who are unsure of their size. It also is great for women who have varied flows during their cycle. One day light, the next heavy etc. Also good for women who notice that their cervix height changes during their periods. This set is currently available on their website, and also on Amazon. It makes for a great gift for a friend or even for yourself!

The Bottom Line

The Luna Cup is a good menstrual cup for the price, which is going to appeal to a lot of people. We see it as a good starting cup, but perhaps, one that won’t last a long time. It is an option for women who want to try a cup for the first time, before committing to a more well known, and slightly pricer, option.

Despite a basic website with very little information online, Luna Cup’s customer service on Amazon seem to be quite good. They are responsive and provide valuable information to customers. They even occasionally check up with follow-up messages to ensure their customers are satisfied with the product. This is the customer service we like!