Best Menstrual Cup for Heavy Flow

What is a Heavy Flow?

Many women may think they have a heavier than average flow, but what exactly is average and what is a heavy flow? Generally, most women will lose about 60-80ml (approximately 3 - 5 tablespoons) per period cycle, which may surprise most, as sometimes it definitely feels like we’re loosing a ladle spoon! So, what is the best menstrual cup for heavy flow? 

Best Menstrual Cup For Heavy Flow

Best Menstrual Cup for Heavy Flow

Lena Menstrual Cups


32ml or 1.082oz capacity

  • 30 ml capacity, great for heavier flow days
  • Smooth rim for comfort when inserted
  • Soft grip rings for ease when removing
  • Unique ‘bell’ shape for comfort
  • Comes in two sizes, perfect for lighter and heavier days
extra large menstrual cup heavy flow

Pixie Cup XL

35ml or 1.18oz capacity

  • 35 ml or 1.18oz capacity
  • Softer than the Diva Cup
  • Several reviewers have commented on how comfortable the stem is. It’s unique ‘droplet’ design has a ball tip that is not intrusive.
  • With every purchase, Pixie Cup gives 1 cup to a woman in need. Always love a company that thinks of others and not just the profits! 
Super Jennie Cup

Super Jennie

41.61ml or 1.41oz capacity

  • Largest capacity cup on the current market 41.61 ml or 1.41oz
  • Despite it’s larger size, the cup itself is softer than the Diva Cup, but designed to have a thick rim to ensure no leaking
  • One reviewer says she got SIX hours of use, compared to one hour with an ultra tampon

Do I have a Heavy Flow?

Generally, if you having to change your tampon or pad every hour, for a few hours, then this may be classed as a heavy period. 

You might also be experiencing a heavy surge or blood loss over a short period of time, resulting in leaking or soaking through your menstrual products. 

The average duration for a period is about 4-5 days, so if you have your period for longer than 6 days then you will be generally losing more blood over time. 

Blood clots in your period may also be a sign of a heavier than normal period. A period is when the lining of your womb breaks down, and comes out of your vagina.

Your body is so smart that when the lining comes away, your body releases anti-coagulants to thin the blood and prevent blood clots. If you have a heavier than normal period, then your body may struggle to keep up with the rate and some blood clots may pass through.

Having a heavy period flow may also make you feel anaemic, weak or very tired, due to the decrease in oestrogen levels that occur around this point in your cycle. 

If you feel you have a very heavy flow that is constantly disrupting your everyday activities, then you may also need to consult your doctor to rule out any underlying issues that may need to be solved. 

Most women who have a heavy flow find they do not need medical treatment, but will need to find solutions to manage their heavy period. This may have involved wearing a tampon and a sanitary pad simultaneously, or thicker underwear to ‘hold’ everything in place. Luckily, menstrual cups can be a great solution for those who find they have a heavy flow!

How much does a Menstrual Cup hold compared to a Tampon?

Menstrual cups have a much greater holding capacity for liquid (ie. menstrual blood), than your ordinary menstrual products. This even includes Super-sized tampons and pads!

An average DivaCup has a capacity of 30 ml.

A normally soaked regular tampon holds approximately 5 ml.

A ‘super’ tampon can hold up to 10 ml.

A maxi pad can soak up to 10 ml.

If needed, cups can hold greater than the average 30 ml. A LaliCup ranges from 36 ml to 41 ml in their Medium and Large sizes. Super Jennie can hold up to 41.61 ml!

Why is a Menstrual Cup better for Heavier Periods?

  • a menstrual cup holds 3 x the volume than a super tampon
  • with a larger capacity than tampons and pads, it means you can ‘change’ or empty it less often
  • if inserted properly, you shouldn’t be able to feel the menstrual cup. Sometimes with tampons and pads, you could feel the blood flow out which is very uncomfortable and can feel like you’re ‘leaking’
  • menstrual cups are generally made out of medical grade silicone, which will not dry your vagina out, like tampons, or cause chafing or smells like with pads
  • as the cups are reusable, you won’t be caught out unexpectedly with no tampons or pads nearby for when your period randomly starts, you also save so much money, and create less waste for our planet!

How to choose the Best Menstrual Cup for Heavy Flow?

Capacity with menstrual cups may vary, but the difference will not be too great. You will mostly need to work out what size you need depending on several factors such as 

Read our article on the best menstrual cup for low cervix and heavy flow

Go With The Flow

You might have heavy periods and clots, and also be looking for the best menstrual cup for beginners. The best menstrual cup for heavy flow will have greater capacities, and still fit comfortably inside your body, while doing their job of collecting your period blood! Many women may believe they have a heavier than normal flow due to the amount of times they had to change their tampons or pads previously. But when you use a menstrual cup, you will be surprised to actually see how little you bleed. Menstrual cups come in different sizes and capacities, and the best menstrual cup for you will be the one that is most comfortable, and works with your lifestyle!

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