Easy Eco Friendly Bathroom Ideas

Going eco can seem a bit scary at first. But the main idea is to just reduce our plastic consumption little by little, with one swap at a time. Especially in the bathroom! Below are some plastic free bathroom products or reusable bathroom products that won’t be too costly, will be better for the environment, and be super simple to use. 

Just make a few simple switches from plastic to sustainable products and you will be on your eco-friendly journey! Here’s a few of our favourite eco friendly toiletries.

green products


Of course we will mention the menstrual cup first as it’s why you are here! This tiny, little cup will help you reduce or completely eliminate, the need for you to use single use tampons and pads! It will be cheaper over time, create less use, and be more safe for your body (for instance, did you know how much artificial coloring, polyester, adhesives, bleach, and synthetic fibers go into tampons and pads?).


This one is super easy to switch. It feels the same, looks the same, and does the same job as a regular toothbrush therefore it is a winner! The only difference is that the bamboo handle will decompose naturally over time. You can speed up the process by pulling out the nylon bristles (while it is plastic, this is still the cleanest way to brush your teeth and a fraction of plastic than a regular toothbrush) and composting the handle. Or you can just throw it in your trash and let nature do its thing.

Either way, reducing the billions of plastic toothbrushes that get thrown out every year is a great thing! We love these TAOBrush bamboo toothbrushes; great colors, sturdy handle and completely eco-friendly packaging.

sustainable toothbrush

TAOBrush Bamboo Toothbrush


These bars of soap are awesome and made specifically for your hair. There’s a range to choose from for all types of hair and they usually smell absolutely delicious with the right essential oils to keep your hair clean and in check! You can keep these solid shampoo bars in a tin container for traveling which makes them so easy and convenient. The only big thing is you definitely need to let them dry out in between uses, otherwise it becomes a gluggy mess. Believe me!

Ethique Shampoo

Ethique Eco-Friendly Solid Shampoo Bar 


If you’re not a fan of solid shampoo bars, then find your nearest zero-waste refill shop! Most major cities will now have zero-waste stores where you can refill and just pay the weight for what you need. From loose packed nuts and fruit, to spices and pasta, to refillable dish-washing liquid or shampoo! Just take any reusable bottle (check out some of the lush looking glass jars), pump out how much liquid shampoo you need, and then pay for how much you need. I’m a big fan of this!

Glass Jar with pump

Amber Glass Jar Soap Dispenser 


Years ago I used those disposable face wipes in the my evening routine. It was quick, easy, and usually had some nice smelling oils for your skin. Unfortunately, these are all single-waste and actually fairly costly! So it's time to find a reusable solution, and while a nice, old-fashioned Terry towel is just as handy, I personally prefer these reusable face pads. They’re softer on the skin, with just the right amount of abrasion to take make-up and dirt off your face, and they’re reusable! Plus, they look so clean and simple and you can just chuck them into the washing machine.

Green Estate Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

Green Estate Reusable Face Pad


Experts are always telling us not to stick things into our ears, but who’s really listening? There is simply no greater pleasure than sticking a piece of cotton on a stick into our ear and giving it a good scratch! However, did you know that cotton buds are a massive problem in our environment? They get flushed down our toilets, ending up in our waterways and oceans. There’s even a photo online of a tiny seahorse with its tail wrapped around the plastic stick of a cotton bud! So yep, there’s an alternative. It’s exactly the same as your normal cotton bud but instead of a plastic stick, it’s a bamboo stick. How genius, and why didn’t I think of this?

Bamboo Cotton Swab

Bamboo Cotton Swab


So what did men (and women) do in the old times, before we had those plastic razors? They used classic safety blade razors! These razors are sturdy, cool-looking, and most importantly, not with a pink plastic handle that will break after 10 uses. These safety razors can be used for life; all you have to do is to change the blade! Ok, maybe we do want just a little bit of pink... but definitely no plastic! 

Weishi Elegant Rainbow Color Butterfly Open Long Handle Double Edge Safety Reusable Razor

Weishi Safety Reusable Razor


So there you have it. Going green has never been easier with all of these plastic free bathroom products or reusable bathroom products that are currently available. A few simple swaps or hacks that won’t compromise your bathroom routine, will save you money over time, and be nicer for the environment!

What are some of your favorite eco-swaps for the bathroom? Let us know in the comments below!