Benefits of a Menstrual Cup

Why change to a menstrual cup? There are many benefits of a menstrual cup that make managing those days of the month much more comfortable. You might have already read tons of menstrual cup reviews, studied menstrual cup statistics and read about menstrual cup dangers and your head is spinning. Here's a list of some of the benefits and we think they speak for themselves. 

Benefits of a menstrual cup over other options

You can wear it for up to 12 hours

Menstrual cups can hold more blood than tampons, which means you can leave it in for longer, for up to 12 hours depending on your flow. You can even sleep with the cup inserted, something that is recommended against with tampons.

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The convenience factor

If you’ve ever been on a camping, hiking or beach trip, you’ll know the drama of finding a finding a clean bathroom to change your tampon or pad, and finding a clean way of disposing the rubbish discreetly. With the menstrual cup, you could be squatting in the bush, tipping the blood out and then reinserting!

No access to tampons? No problem!

Menstrual cups are very handy while traveling, especially in some countries where tampons may not be as readily available. You also don’t need to pack or carry extra supplies. Who hasn’t been caught out in the toilet with an unexpected period, and no spare tampons?

The menstrual cup is invisible

When inserted properly, the menstrual cup should be comfortable and non-invasive. You can enjoy active sports without the worry of leaks, or a dangling string hanging out. You can rock that eensy weensy bikini now!

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There is no worry about smells

There’s no need to worry about that iron-y, bloody odour that you think you can smell coming from your nether regions, but aren’t sure if others can. When menstrual blood is exposed to air, it may cause it to smell, especially when it’s also mixed with the sweat from your underwear. As the menstrual blood collects the blood inside your vagina with a menstrual cup, it means there are no smelly smells!

No more dryness in your va-jay-jay

Tampons are basically densely compacted bits of cotton designed to absorb your menstrual blood. This can cause dryness in your vaginal, leading to infection or inflammation. Sanitary pads can also cause chafing or rashes around your vulva area. Menstrual cups of course, eliminate these!

No toxic chemicals leaking into your body

Menstrual cups are made of non-toxic, medical-grade silicon, a material that we are highly unlikely to be allergic to. Unfortunately, tampons and pads have been found to have artificial colors, polyester, adhesives, bleach, and synthetic fibers which have been linked to hormone disruption, cancer, infertility, birth defects amongst other concerns.

Eliminates the risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome

Tampons are also linked to Toxic Shock Syndrome (there’s warnings included in every packet of tampons, go and check!), which is a rare, but potentially life-threatening illness that is caused by infection with certain types of bacteria including Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus pyogenes. Menstrual cups have never been linked to TSS, as it creates a seal on the vaginal wall meaning bacteria cannot develop as fast.

Save your money. Treat yo self!

By investing in one or two menstrual cups, you are saving a crazy amount of money over a lifetime! Instead of spending every month on tampons, liners, and night pads, let’s say roughly about $10 a month, and the average woman has an estimated 450 periods in her life, that is $4,500 in a lifetime. Menstrual cups however, range from $10 to $40, and can last up to 10 years with care! A lot more economical than the disposable products that the manufactures want you to buy each month. Compare prices on the menstrual cup using our comparison table.

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Save the planet

The environmental impact and waste is less when you use a menstrual cup compared to tampons and pads. Everything we create takes energy, using natural and synthetic (water, cotton, bleach etc.) resources, and by minimising the amount of stuff we use, makes a big difference over time. Half of the world’s population is female, and while many do not have access to clean sanitary products, the majority of the western female population will use tampons and pads over their lifetime. These are single use products which are discarded every month! If we limit this usage, we can help clean the planet up. One tampon at a time!

In conclusion? Put a cup in it.

Why aren't menstrual cups more popular? Many women are not comfortable talking about their period and it is not a topic that is often discussed publicly. Some women do not know the benefits of a menstrual cup. Now that you know, we hope you join the movement and become a Cupaholic yourself!

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