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Best Menstrual Cups for 2020 ; Our Reviews

sunscreen on girl at beach bikini

This is a special year, especially if you are looking for the best menstrual cups for 2020! With new technology and so many great choices, you will definitely find the best menstrual cup for your body and your lifestyle this year. If you have never tried it before, we can help you with finding the […]


Easy Eco Friendly Bathroom Ideas

green products

Going eco can seem a bit scary at first. But the main idea is to just reduce our plastic consumption little by little, with one swap at a time. Especially in the bathroom! Below are some plastic free bathroom products or reusable bathroom products that won’t be too costly, will be better for the environment, […]


Menstrual Cup Dangers; The Facts

Menstrual Cup Dangers

There are many benefits to using a menstrual cup but not a lot of information on the problems with menstrual cups and potential menstrual cup side effects. In this article we are going to look at exactly what are the menstrual cup dangers, and how we can avoid them when first figuring out how to […]


Can Sharks Smell Period Blood

Are Sharks Attracted to Periods?

As a scuba instructor, I’ve had many girls/women ask me if it’s okay to go scuba diving while on their periods. I also get questions from students asking me whether sharks are attracted to period blood. I’ve also wondered myself, can sharks smell period blood? So in this article we’re going to look at some […]


Why Does My Menstrual Cup Hurt?

Why Does My Menstrual Cup Hurt? Does the choice of cup matter?

Yay, so you’ve committed to a menstrual cup, and made the switch! You’ve read the instructions, watched the videos, and finally taken the plunge. But ouch, suddenly there is pain in your hoo-ha! Now you are wondering why does my menstrual cup hurt? And why is it that I can feel my menstrual cup? And […]

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